Kitale, Kenya | april 2016

We came seeking to be a blessing and share the love of Christ. We truly were the ones blessed and honored by the Kitale people and their hearts for the Lord. Here are just a few of our accomplishments during our trip:

  • The completion of the 9th grade classroom
  • The well and cap completed
  • Medical clinics for the people in the region, including doctor exams, medication distribution, eye glasses, etc.
  • Meeting the teachers and some students of the orphanage
  • Ministry to 18 churches
  • Youth meeting
  • Ministry to the widows and purchased 3 sewing machines for their ministry
  • Outreach to the Street Kids of Kitale
  • Carried and distributed over 3000 lbs of clothing

Here are some shots during our trip to Kitale, Kenya

New Mexico | June 2016

New Mexico was a blast! Elevate conducted a week long VBS with arts and crafts, games, and outside recreation.  The youth participated in group sessions during the early part of the day followed by basketball camp in the late afternoon. We also held a craft workshop for the seniors. We Installed an Evaporative Cooling system in the home of the lead missionaries home. They have lived in their home for 15 year without any AC. Outdoor temperatures can reach over 100 degrees
We also Installed pavers to cover an area of 17’x30' under a pavilion.

We ended with a pre 4th of July celebration cookout complete with water balloon fights and fireworks!