We not only support missionaries in the field spiritually and financially, we support them physically. We offer short term missionary teams the opportunity to travel the world where you will experience first-hand the life and culture of our brothers and sisters abroad and right here at home. We send ministry teams to come alongside the leadership in these locations. We go to minister the word of God, pray for the sick and bring words of encouragement to a hurting world. We also send in Work teams to help with things as simple as painting to a variety of construction projects. We are living out The Great Commission. (Matthew 28: 18-20).


We have an ongoing homeless outreach to the people living on the streets in our nation’s Capital, Washington D.C. Aside from prayer we furnish warm blankets, socks, gloves, coats, hot chocolate, food and water to those living on the streets. There are more and more people driven to homelessness every year, may God help us to help them.

Kitale Project

In 2007, while serving as  Associate Pastor and head of the Missions Ministry at his previous church, Pastor Eric was invited by Bishop Robert Makona of World Wide Revival Salvation Ministries to visit Kitale Kenya and see firsthand the great things God was doing in Kitale, and his vision for the children there. Together, Bishop Makona and  Pastor Eric went to a very remote area in Kitale; an area Bishop Makona had been praying about, where his ministry could be a blessing to many children in the surrounding villages.  

He showed Pastor Eric a vacant piece of land they had acquired some time ago.  However, they had little resources to develop the land in order to make it useful. It was in that moment that Pastor Eric felt the weight of the needs of the children and Bishop’s vision and  became totally broken before the Lord. 

Heavy and broken as he returned back to the United States, he shared his experiences and his time in Kenya with his wife Andi, and what the Lord had burdened his heart with. “The Lord wants us to take what we had been saving and send it to build an orphanage for 40 children in Kitale”. Without hesitation, they agreed and funds were sent immediately and construction of the orphanage began. 

That being 8 years ago, the orphanage has now evolved into a school that offers FREE education,  to over 350 children, ranging from ages 4 to 18. Though the school lacks in its resources, there is no lack academically. Bishop Robert Makona Academy placed 8th out of 68 schools in the entire area. 

Teams led by Pastor Eric continue to support Bishop Robert Makona Academy with their time and resources. Elevate Church also provides a monthly stipend that aids in teacher salaries and building structures, including additional bathroom facilities, drinking wells, and most recently, a brick stove and chimney system for the kitchen.

Studies show that there are approximately 624,000 orphans living in Kenya. Of the 350 children attending the Bishop Robert Makona Academy, 70% are orphans. Despite our time, resources, and monetary contributions, its still not enough. The needs are great and WE NEED YOU to help us meet the needs of the children in Kitale.

At this time, we are collecting funding in order to provide the following items:

  • Curriculum (teachers and students)
  • Uniforms (shoes, tops, and bottoms)
  • Electrical power (solar or line)
  • Additional classrooms
  • Additional Teachers and Staff Members; and salaries

If you feel led to donate monetarily, please click HERE.


Brethren In Christ Navajo Mission

The BIC Mission is located in Bloomfield New Mexico and is a ministry reaching the Navajo Native Americans. Located on the high desert plains of northwestern New Mexico, the Navajo Brethren in Christ Mission has been an oasis serving the People of the local community for over seventy years. Currently, there are roughly 14 buildings including a gymnasium, a public laundromat and public showers, a K-12 Accelerated Christian Education school, a shop for minor repairs and tire changing, a mini conference center and housing for groups and staff. We also have a public water station for those in our community who have no running water.
There is a wide variety of opportunity to serve others from Vacation Bible School to art and jewelry making with the elderly to construction projects and kneeling and praying for the needs of a small child.